Added value

Assessment of business opportunities and new business development for existing or new markets, including:

  • market and technology scouting
  • monitoring trends & developments
  • analysis and benchmark of the targeted category
  • technical & commercial feasibility studies
  • partner identification for co-developing
  • targeted prospection

Feeding the funnel, including:

  • brainstorming via facilitating ideation workshops
  • innovative concept development via facilitating connecting statement workshops
  • guidance on new product development:
  • implementation and know-how transfer via stage gate methodology
  • from concept briefing till commercial launch
  • packaging design: creating brand-identity through structural and graphic design, including claiming devices
  • product design: defining technical components like product (including packaging) and production requirements and investments
  • product testing: validating ingredients and processing conditions to optimise functionality
  • product improvement: tailoring formulation to improve product cost or product quality
  • commercial launch: marketing activity recommendation
    assessment and contracting for out-sourcing or partnering

Innovation strategy management, including:

  • strategic alignment via Risk-Award classification
  • portfolio management via Consumer/Technology matrix
  • integrating brand or business development and R&D capabilities via road mapping methodology