CATIE was founded in 2006 by Jan Arnaut. Jan is considered as an executive technology and innovation marketeer with a sound international experience. He has a proven record of results in the dairy, food and packaging industry and under his direction, the companies and clients, for whom he has worked experience significant growth and a remarkable turnaround by means of strategic choices, innovation, cost management and marketing drives.

Prior to that, he has served during 16 years in a variety of postings at senior management level within Campina, a global dairy company, in Marketing, Strategic Business Development and R&D and he has worked always internationally.
He was responsible for the identification, development and execution of the new product and packaging platforms and pipeline across core.
He provided strategic leadership direction for new business and products within the full portfolio. He identified, developed and took to market internally produced initiatives.

He is a frequently invited speaker in a number of conferences and seminars world-wide (US, Europe) and lectures as a guest professor in innovation management and new business development at the EHSAL business school.

Furthermore he is appointed as trainer/tutor for the European Commission and he assists the Belgian authorities in relation to the accreditation of certification bodies.

In 1989 Jan Arnaut graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium, as Agronomist in Chemical Engineering. In addition he studied Marketing Management at Ehsal Business School (Belgium), Strategic R&D Management at Insead Business School (France) and R&D Management & Innovative Performance at Vlerick Business School (Belgium). He obtained a Master in Packaging Management at the University of Brussels and has a MBA since 2000.